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Rancho Dance is a high energy, performance-based dance team from Rancho Cucamonga High School.They place a huge emphasis on building community and lasting relationships while maintaining technique and character through movement. This is a team who continues to raise the bar and push, not only high school dance team standards, but industry standards as well. Rancho Dance is a family of over 200 dancers with a drive, passion, and relentless desire to surpass their goals through hard work and a love and understanding for one another.  

Not only is this a great program for all high school students, including students with special needs, but they also open their doors to the community by offering dance classes for younger dancers and participating in community events, shows, performances, and competitions.  They continue to be personally invited to perform for the Mayor of Ontario, Paul Leon, the CJUHSD Superintendent of Schools, Mat Holton, and the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, Ted Alejandre! Rancho Dance was also personally invited to compete at Hip Hop International and World of Dance after winning the top alpha award at a local competition. 

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